Legacy Workshop

The Other Part of Estate Planning— Your Things, Your Relationships, and Your Legacy – Sat, April 9.

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Joanie Harris has learned the value and blessing of being intentional as you consider the legacy you want to leave and your options regarding not only your relationships but also those things you have purposely acquired throughout the course of your life. Joanie has served as the executor of her Mother’s estate; and as a counselor, she has walked alongside clients and friends as they have planned their legacy. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor providing individual, marriage, grief, and life transition counseling in Fredericksburg, Texas. Joanie also is the founder of JH Legacy Counseling, PLLC (2011), which specializes in counseling people through the relational and emotional challenges associated with the process of estate planning, helping them minimize conflict while gaining clarity & peace of mind

“I love helping people think through the legacy they want to leave and helping them bless the people they love by their efforts to live with intention and finish well.”  Joanie

Joanie Harris, M.A., LPC

JH Legacy Counseling